I wanted to take a few moments to let you know how much I appreciate the excellent care my brother, Russ Smith, received at Westerly Health. Russ was so happy at Westerly Health. Please share my thanks to the staff there for both the wonderful physical as well as emotional care you all gave my brother.

Linn Bodle

This is my second stay at Westerly and I couldn’t be happier with how everything has been. My rehab has been great and I really appreciate everything they have done for me after my recent hospitalization. I am pleased with my nurses and CNAs too.


My stay at Westerly has been excellent. Anytime I needed anything, anyone was willing to help. The therapy was wonderful. I am so thankful to everyone who helped in my rehab stay. 

J. Carey

My stay here has been nothing but wonderful. This is my second stay for short-term rehab and I could not say anything but wonderful things. My CNAs are great, especially Tammy. The therapy department is also great and is helping me get back to where I need to be before going back.


My time at Westerly Rehab has been great. It has been a long road and I am happy to be discharging home soon. If I need rehab again, I would gladly come back. The therapy has been wonderful. My nurses were also amazing. I appreciate everything Westerly Rehab has done for me.


I have worked at Westerly Rehab for two years and I have been a CNA for 4 years. The best thing about this job is my residents and co-workers. I love my residents and I love helping them on a daily basis. The management team has made everything smooth, and they are gracious and always understanding and willing to work with you. Westerly Rehab is a great place to work.

(employee testimonial)

Lindsay Cole (CNA)

I love all my nurses and CNAs especially John, Bob, and Donna. My CAN, Lindsey is also wonderful. My favorite part of the day is the made to order breakfast in the morning.

Bobby Lawrence 

My time at Westerly has been wonderful so far. The staff is amazing. My CNAs and nurses are wonderful, especially my Nurse Donna. The other thing I love about Westerly is it’s so dang clean. That is the first thing my visitors notice. I am thankful to the Westerly Team for everything they have done for me.

Harvey Bemis

My stay at Westerly Rehab has been wonderful. The staff is excellent and the therapy is great. I love the food too. The therapy staff were the best. The view from my room was sunny and bright, which was nice. If I ever need rehab again, I will gladly come back here.

Linda Brazil 

I have enjoyed being at Westerly Rehab. No one wants to go into a nursing facility but if you need one Westerly is the place. I love my CNAs, especially Lindsey. It always brightens my day when she is here. I also love the activities department and everything they do for us.

Lois Houlihan

My stay at Westerly was great. I loved my room and the view. The nurses and CNAs were fantastic. The food was also very good, my compliments to the chef. I was very pleased with my rehab stay at Westerly.

J. M.

I love all my nurses, and CNAs, and the liaisons at Westerly. They are great. The care I receive is also wonderful.  The view from my room is beautiful. The made-to-order Breakfast is also great as well. It is sometimes hard being in a nursing facility but the team at Westerly makes it a little easier.

N. T. 

My stay at Westerly has been great. I loved all my CNAs and the nurses. Everyone was great. The therapy department was also wonderful. The room was beautiful and clean. I also enjoyed the view from my room. I have been to a few different facilities and Westerly hands down has been the best. 


I am so comfortable here. My room is lovely. The view from my room is beautiful. The staff is wonderful and caring, they really do care about the patients. I enjoy the food and just started attending some activities as well, which has been nice, and I enjoy them. Everything is clean and well organized.


I am so comfortable at Westerly Rehab. Everyone is so nice and wonderful. They are always so kind to me. I love all the activities; it helps keep me going. I also enjoy the made to order breakfast in the morning. It’s a great start to my day. 

Anna King

My stay at Westerly Rehab has been nothing but amazing. The place is clean and smells good. The entire staff is wonderful. I can walk down the hall, and everyone asks if I need anything or what they can help with. Everyone is so friendly which makes me feel more comfortable that everyone is willing to help if needed. After my next procedure I will definitely be coming back here.


I can’t say enough wonderful things about Westerly Rehab. The facility is beautiful and view outside my room is gorgeous. All my nurses and CNAs are great and I can’t say enough great things. I also enjoy all the activities that are put on. And I really love the made to order breakfast in the morning.

Jane Kuflick

I love my CNA’s and my nurses. They are so amazing and simply the best. All other staff are also wonderful and one of kind. Everything is wonderful here. 

Irene Mitchell 

I am thrilled to be part of The Westerly Rehab and Healthcare team. Westerly Rehab is great to work for. They truly value their employees. I have been so fortunate to have been with Westerly since 2009 and look forward to many more years at Westerly Rehab. It is truly unmatched.

(employee testimonial)

Shannon Cichy, Admissions Director

The therapy staff were amazing. Both PT and OT were so great, especially my therapist Rachel. The nursing staff was also wonderful.


The entire team at Westerly Rehabilitation and Health Care Center has been nothing but amazing. From nurses and CNA’s, all the way from Therapy to the Maintenance/Housekeeping department. Everyone has been so wonderful, and we are so lucky with the care our mother received at this nursing home.

Maureen Cabral 

The staff have been nothing but wonderful! everyone has been great. The Therapy team has been amazing and have definitely helped me make the progress that I have made. The nurses and CNA’s are rockstars. So happy and appreciative of all the care I received at the Westerly Rehabilitation and Healthcare.

Federico Luzzi 

Throughout the facility staff work so well together and work extremely hard to take care of all the resident’s needs. They are pleasure to work with. I am very passionate about my job and are happy to be part of the Westerly Rehab Family.

(employee testimonial)

David Valentin, RN

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